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For a quote on installation of aluminum siding at your Simpsonville home or office, contact our professionals at Sentry Construction.

Aluminum Siding in Simpsonville – When it comes to choosing exterior siding for your home or office building, the different choices available can make the process feel overwhelming. One of the best options in the industry is aluminum siding, which offers a number of benefits. It is a soft metal that requires less thickness than other types of siding, yet still provides excellent coverage. Cheaper aluminum siding measures 0.4” in thickness, which is referred to as “40-gauge”. Another commonly used type of siding is 53-gauge, which is slightly thicker and more expensive. According to manufacturers, this type of siding can last up to 35 years without needing any maintenance, aside from a few repainting jobs to keep it looking new.

Aluminum siding is also available in both vertical and horizontal panels, so your home doesn’t have to look exactly the same as the one down the street or next door. It provides excellent insulation against the changing temperatures outside, reducing the need to constantly adjust your thermostat when the weather changes. It also isn’t affected by sudden dips in the temperature, since it won’t crack or split. Aluminum siding is lightweight and easier to install than other types of materials.

For a quote on installation of aluminum siding at your Simpsonville, South Carolina home or office, contact our professionals at Sentry Construction. We can also answer any questions that you may have about siding and discuss the pros and cons of this material with you to ensure that you make the right choice for your structure.

Siding Installation

Simpsonville, Mauldin, Fountain Inn or Greenville, SC

We offer siding installation along with a wide variety of other siding and roofing services in Simpsonville.

Siding Installation in Simpsonville – The process of siding installation can be a tough job to tackle, especially if you aren’t an expert at home repairs. Luckily we have an experienced team of professionals at Sentry Construction who can handle this task for you. We offer siding installation along with a wide variety of other siding and roofing services in Simpsonville, South Carolina. We start by talking to you about the different siding material options available. Our team commonly installs vinyl and aluminum siding, but even these options have various sub-categories, including different styles, colors, and prices.

Once you have decided on the type of siding that will work best for your home, we’ll then bring in the materials and start the process of siding installation. If you currently have old siding on the structure, we will remove that. Once all of the old materials are off and disposed of, we will begin installation of the new materials. Our owners focus on quality, and each of our team members only uses the best materials to ensure complete satisfaction on every job. We are also a veteran-owned and operated business, and our co-owners have worked in the industry for more than a decade.

Both vinyl and aluminum siding have their own lists of pros and cons. Aluminum lasts longer, but vinyl is more visually appealing to many property owners. If you have questions about various materials or would like to schedule a time for siding installation, give us a call today.

Vinyl Siding

Simpsonville, Mauldin, Fountain Inn or Greenville, SC

A lot of property owners in Simpsonville select vinyl siding because it works well in our climate and is affordable, yet durable.

Vinyl Siding in Simpsonville – Choosing the material for the exterior of your home gives you a lot of options. You can select wood, paint, or stucco, or you can opt for some type of siding material that will protect the exterior walls. In the past, vinyl siding wasn’t of very high quality, but manufacturers have been improving this material for years. In the past two decades, its improved quality combined with a reasonable price tag has made it the most popular choice for exterior siding among homeowners across the country. Here in the Simpsonville, South Carolina area, a lot of property owners select vinyl siding because it works well in our climate and is affordable, yet durable.

Vinyl siding is easy to install, which is another reason why it is affordable. In this area, we have high humidity levels throughout much of the year, which can cause wood to warp and some types of metal to rust. Vinyl siding won’t warp or rust, and it holds its color well, so you don’t have to paint it. You can choose to side in various colors, so you don’t have to feel limited to the basic style that is common throughout your neighborhood. Instead, opt for a different hue that adds more of a personal touch and flair.

If you’re looking for more information about vinyl siding, from cost to installation to replacement, contact our team at Sentry Construction. We have been working in the industry for several years and can help explain the benefits of this material for your home or office.


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