Gutters, Simpsonville, SC

Our team is available for construction and maintenance of gutters in and near Simpsonville.

Gutters in Simpsonville – The gutters on the exterior on your home help to reroute rain that falls, keeping it from pooling on the roof or leaking into your home. Homes that don’t have gutters can experience flooding and other water damage problems. These narrow, long tubes use gravity to pull water away from the roof and allow it to drain properly, away from the foundation. Gutters that aren’t installed properly may drain near the foundation, which can also create a wet situation. Water seeping up through a crack in the foundation can cause damage to flooring and drywall, as well as personal possessions, and even lead to mold growth indoors.

One major complaint that many homeowners have about gutters is the amount of water that spills out of them during and following a storm. If the weather turns chilly, the dripping water can freeze and cause slick icy spots that cause people to slip and fall. But the damage without gutters is typically much worse than a patch of ice on your property. Repairing walls, ceilings, and/or floors that have been damaged by water is expensive and time-consuming. If the mold has started growing behind the walls, this also requires further work to expose the affected areas and eliminate the mold safely and completely.

At Sentry Construction, our team is available for construction and maintenance of gutters in and near Simpsonville, South Carolina. If yours aren’t working as well as they should be, or you actually don’t have any gutters on your home, call us for a free estimate.





At Sentry Construction, we can install high-quality gutters in Simpsonville, Greenville, Greenwood, Laurens, Greenville County, and Spartanburg County, South Carolina.