Residential Roofing in Greenville, South Carolina
With so many different options for residential roofing these days, it can be confusing to decide what makes the most sense for your home. It can also be tempting to go with the latest and greatest thing without learning just why the old standby is far from out of the running. Before you consider some of those rather pricey options, consider why shingles are still the most popular residential roofing option today.

  • Affordable – You can’t beat the value of shingles for residential roofing. Even the more advanced options are a tremendous value. Additionally, there are plenty of options in colors and styles, so you can get the results you want.
  • Long-Lasting – While it is true that some materials have a longer lifespan than the 15+ years that you can expect from shingles, the statistics show that few families keep their home longer than that anyhow, so putting a more durable option on will most likely be enjoyed by someone else down the road instead of you, even though you are the one who paid for it. While it is true you may enjoy a higher sales price, it rarely makes up for the added cost involved.
  • Simple Installation – Unless you are doing the installation yourself, you may wonder why it would matter that it is easier to install shingles. The answer is that the less time that is involved in installing residential roofing, the lower the labor cost will be, so you save money there, as well as on the materials.

Here at Sentry Construction, we believe it is our job to give you all the facts on the various options for residential roofing and then let you make the decision that is the best choice for your needs. We’ll give you honest advice about the advantages of each type and provide you with quality workmanship and service, so your new roof, whichever type it is, gives you the results you are looking to achieve.