Roofing insurance claims

When a large storm brings wind or hail damage to your roof, you may wonder whether you should file an insurance claim. Generally speaking, if the damage created is going to cost more than your deductible, it is worth the time and effort to file. Many roofing contractors will help you through the process and have experience dealing with roofing insurance claims.

Many homeowners worry about their insurance premiums going up if they file roofing insurance claims. Home insurance does not work like car insurance. Filing a claim is not a guarantee that your premium will go up. If your community experiences a widespread weather event and many homes are damaged, your premiums may go up, but that is true whether or you actually file a roofing insurance clam. Also, homeowners worry that their insurance company may drop them after a claim, but legally, they cannot drop you for an “act of God” like a hail storm.

Here are some general guidelines about filing roofing insurance claims, but remember that every situation is different:

  • When you should file: If your roof is extensively damaged and the repair is going to cost more than your insurance deductible, it is usually a good idea to file. Not repairing damage to your home can also harm the value of your home. If there has been a large storm in your area and many others are filing, your rates will probably go up even if you choose not to file.
  • When you may decide not to file: If you only have a little damage and repair costs will be less than your deductible, it may be better not to file.

Get your roof inspected by a roofing contractor before deciding whether to file any roofing insurance claims. This will give you a better idea of where you stand and what to do before getting the insurance company involved.