Roof Repair in Greenville, South Carolina
It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when you are advised that you need your home’s roof replaced. Your first thought is likely going to be whether that is truly the case or if a roof repair would be a more affordable way to go. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will help you feel at ease about which way to go.

  1. How old is my home’s roof? Learn the typical lifespan for the roofing material that was installed on your roof and know when it was installed. If it is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is more likely that a roof repair will just delay the inevitable. If your roof is newer, then you are right to ask whether it really just needs roof repair for one damaged area.
  2. Can the material be matched? If your home’s roof was made with a material or color that is no longer being manufactured, a roof repair is going to look odd even if it effectively resolves the problem. While it may be structurally okay to go with roof repair, how it looks matters, too. If you are years from total roof replacement, do you really want to look at a blemish like that for so long? If it won’t bother you and you aren’t concerned about home value, then go ahead with the roof repair instead.
  3. Do I trust the roofing company? Here is a big part of the equation. If you are feeling nervous about paying for replacement instead of roof repair because you don’t trust that the roofing company is giving you sound advice, why would you want them to do roof repair or replacement in the first place? If your anxiety is founded, you’d be better to get another company in for a second opinion.

Here at Sentry Construction, we want you to know that we always put your needs first and would never push you to do one over the other. We give you sound advice about your roof, so you can make an informed decision between roof repair and replacement. Our values were finely honed by serving in the military, so integrity is something we’d never sacrifice to turn a profit. Call us today for a free roof inspection and to learn everything there is to know about your home’s roof.