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We will provide a roof estimate to any customer in Simpsonville.

Roof Estimate in Simpsonville, South CarolinaRoof Estimate in Simpsonville – It’s hard to see the roof on your home or business, so it becomes nearly impossible to know when it’s time to have it replaced. If you wait to fix your roof until water is coming into the structure, you will face a lot of other problems, such as damage to possessions, flooring, and drywall, as well as the risk of mold growth. It’s always better to fix a damaged roof before it gets to this point. Most shingles used for roofing last between 20 and 25 years. However, keep in mind that that shingles installed over the top of older materials often don’t last as long as a full replacement roof.  Metal roofs can last longer, but it’s always good to bring in an expert at least once every 5-10 years for an inspection, no matter what type of roofing you have. At that time, you can get a roof estimate from the professional if he or she recommends repair or replacement.

When you drive up to your home or office, take a glance at the roof when you are far enough away to see it. Missing shingles, lots of shingle granules in the gutters, or pieces that curl or buckle are signs that your roof needs some attention. Head up to the attic, as well, and look for patches of sunlight coming through the roof. Moisture in the insulation is also a risk.

If your roof is getting up there in age or you see any signs of damage, give us a call at Sentry Construction. We will provide a roof estimate to any customer in the Simpsonville, South Carolina area.


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